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Is Triple Milled Soap Better Than Normal Soap?

October 25, 2020

“Triple Milled Soap” the new buzz word of the soap industry has been turning heads but is there really any difference to the normal soap we have been buying for years?

The French started it years ago (can also be referred to as French Milled Soap) and nowadays many reputable soap companies are beginning to use this method because it is one of the most ethical, authentic and honest ways to produce premium quality soap for their customers.

We will now dive a little deeper into the process of creating Triple Milled Soap and normal everyday soap.

How Is Triple Milled Soap Made Compared to Normal Soap?

Manufacturing Normal Soap 

This process incorporates the saponification of fats and oils and is the most commonly used manufacturing process to make soap. It requires heating fats and oils to encourage them to react with liquid alkali which eventually produces the soap and water content known as “neat soap” (with a little glycerine added). 

Manufacturing Triple Milled Soap

The initial chemical saponification process is the same but the fragrances and colours are also added at the beginning of the process. This way, by the time it comes to the milling, the added ingredients are well mixed and evenly distributed.

The bar is cooled and then grated into fine particles which can vary in size and produce a rough, gritty texture.

To smooth it out and ensure a soft and luxurious texture the particles are put through a roller and turned into a paste. This is done at least three times, hence the title of “triple milled”. Repeating this process more than three times may actually cause the soap to become too dry. It is an artful process.

Triple milling can only be achieved as a commercial application. The materials used in the process are heavy duty and need specialist supervision. A domestic form of milling soap is called rebatching and will not be as smooth or last as long as properly milled soap.

How Is Triple Milled Soap Different from Normal Soap? Why Is It Better?

Considered the most efficient way to make high quality soap , the process extracts any excess moisture or air from the bar, leaving you with the purest form of soap available. 

Triple milled soap is also much better for sensitive skin or those with skin allergies.  Lye is a necessary component in the initial soap making process. Soap that is not milled still contain small traces of lye which then bond to the skin, trapping grease and dirt. By using Triple Milled Soap it leaves your skin clean and fresh without any chemical residue that may have been left over when using normal soap. 

As mentioned above, the excess moisture that has been squeezed out results in a Triple Milled Bar that has a greater density compared to that of a normal bar. With greater density the bar will last much longer and produce a much richer lather, meaning more bang for your buck and you get the feeling of a more luxurious soap bar.

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